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Italy ESA 630 Automatic Servo CNC Press Brake

Italy ESA 630 Automatic Servo CNC Press Brake

【Series】:CNC Press Brake

1. Main Features:                                                                       

1. Brand-new industry design combined with modern aesthetic concept, high-quality production technology, simple appearance.

2. Latest high-frequency responding hydraulic control technology, faster, more efficient and accurate.

3. Heat treatment of the rack, rigidity optimization verification on entire machine and the application of hydrauliccrowning structure jointly ensure the bending precision of MB8 series Press Brakes.

4. Optimal ratio of parameters and core configuration ensure stable performance, and easy operation.

5. esa630 controlleris equipped with standard 3+1 axis (Y1, Y2, X axis and W axis crowning). Additionally, the optional axis can be used for R axis or Z axis. At the same time, suitable die can be selected to realize bending processing of various workpieces with complex shapes.

6. The Press Brakeadopts full closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo synchronouscontrol technology. The position signal of the slide block is fed back to the CNC controller by the grating ruler on both sides, and then CNC controller controls the opening size of the synchronous valve and adjusts the quantity of the oil cylinder, so as to control the slide block (Y1,Y2) to run at the same frequency and always keep the parallel state to the working table.

7. CNC controller willautomatically control the deflection compensation of the worktable, in order to achieve uniform angle on full length of the workpiece according to machine process state.

8. Using hydraulic crowning methodor mechanical crowning method, the workpiece with uniform precision over the whole length of the worktable can be obtained. The hydraulic crowning is composed of a group of oil cylinders in the lower working table, which can make the working table move relative to each other and form an ideal curve with convection to ensure the relation between the relative position of the sliding block and the bearing force remains unchanged. The compensation amount is determined by the CNC controller according to the thickness of the plate and the material characteristics.

2. Standard Equipment:                                                                        

 Italy ESA 630 CNC controller

 Grating ruler controls depth Y1 and Y2 axis(y1/y2-axis 0.01mm)

 Servo motor drive and control X axis(X-axis 0.01mm), manually adjusts R axis up and down, fingers can easily move along the cylindrical guide.

 HIWIN ball screw and linear guide precision 0.01mm

 Front carrier can be adjusted along the linear guide in the worktable direction

 Germany Rexroth closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo synchronous control system

 Germany EMB oil tube connectors

 Germany Siemens main motor

 Germany Siemens main motor

 Hydraulic and electrical overload protection

 The upper die adopts mechanical quick clamping European upper die, while the lower die adopts single V double V or 4V quick changing type or multi-v lower die


3. Safety Equipment:                                                                        

1.EN 12622:2009 + A1:2013          2.EN ISO 12100:2010      3.EN 60204-1:2006+A1:2009

●Front finger Protection(Safety light curtain) 

●South Korea Kacon Foot Switch(Level 4 of safety)

●Back metal safe fence with CE standards

●Safety relay with Monitor the pedal switch and safety protection

4. ESA S630 CNC Control system:                                                              

 High-definition 10-inch TFT widescreen touch

Bulit-in PLC

 2D graphics programming

 Expanded length calculation

 Graphical upper and lower molds, supporting multi-sided

Mold, telescopic mold, arc mold, gooseneck mold, etc.

 Graphic programming automatic, manual optimization

 Supports simulated bending

 Supports Graphic or numerical arc bending

 Support dual-machine linkage function

 Standard 4+1 axis, not expandable.

5. Specifications:                                                                         

6.Main Configuration:

1. Main configuration list


CNC Control system

ESA System


Electrical components

Schneider Electrical from France


Main Motor

Siemens from Germany


BackGauge & RAMDrive

Inverter from Taiwan delta

Accurate positioning control


Ball screw/ Liner guide



Foot switch

KACON from South Korea


Travel switch

Schneider Electrical from French


Hydraulic System

Bosch-Rexroth form Germany


Hydraulic Pump

Bosch-Rexroth form Germany



Tubing connector

EMB form Germany Brand


ManualCrowning system

Pls inquire us



Three color Alarm Lamp

Yes      □No

2.Safety Configuration (optional)


Warning of high oil temperature

Yes   □No


High oil pressure protection

Yes   □No


Motor overload protection

Yes   □No


Laser Safety Protection

□Yes     No


Left & Right side protection

Yes  □No

Fixed type(metal)


Electricity leakage protection

Yes  □No


Safety Relay

Yes  □No


Monitoring and Redundant valves

Yes  □No


Safety standards

CE    □CSA    □NR-12    □OSHA

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